Aaron Ming-Yi Liao (廖明沂)

Email: aaron@netdpi.net

  • Port a Data Logger based on STM32F429
  • A Framework of Network Application Analyzer in Linux kernel space
  • A Protocol Description Language Translator
  • Firmware for dspic33 MCU /module communication ( e.g. I2C, SPI, UART, ...)
  • An MCU middleman of File System over UART on Linux
  • Port FatFS to Microchip dspic33F MCU (based on SPI)
  • Port USB device driver (based on libusb, available at http://siusbxp.netdpi.net)
  • Remote Control System based on VB .net socket
  • A Zigbee over TCP/IP proxy on Linux (C language)
  • A Deep Packet Inspection system on Linux kernel Netfilter framework
  • A TCP over a SCTP tunnel on Linux (C language)
  • Port virtual network device from Linux kernel 2.4 to Linux kernel 2.6
  • Trace SCTP network stack in Linux Kernel
  • An IPv4/IPv6 DNS translation proxy on Windows XP (Patent: 用於視窗作業系統之整合式 IPv6 網域名稱代理解析系統)
  • Web CGI based on C libcgi for the Embedded Linux system
  • Web CGI based on Perl

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